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To our school of physical fitness that teaches the ancient and
scientific art of Tae Kwon Do. We sincerely hope that this school
will serve you as an important institution where you can learn
various virtues of the martial arts that include self-discipline,
respect, concentration and competition. The instruction at Grand
Master Kang’s Tae Kwon Do schools helps us value tranquility
within one’s self, which in turn aids us in developing peace and
harmony with our fellow man.

Why Study Tae Kwon Do?

Although self-defense is usually the reason most people study
Tae Kwon do, there are numerous other reasons to get involved
as well: physical fitness, weight control, figure control,
confidence, self-respect, self-discipline, tension and pressure
relief are just a few. Whatever your reason may be, you soon
become aware of the many benefits from training, both expected
and unexpected. The Tae Kwon Do students feel healthy and
physically fit, they are confident that they are learning to defend
themselves, and they soon learn to apply Tae Kwon Do to their
daily lives, including home, job and school. As you progress in Tae
Kwon Do, you will soon acquire a greater respect for yourself as
well as for others.

How young children benefit from Tae kwon Do Training

The School’s teaching staff specializes in teaching young
boys and girls from the ages of 4 to 13. The training these young
children receive gives them a great amount of pride, self-
discipline, self-confidence and self-respect which further helps
build to their character. In some cases, Tae Kwon Do can actually
serve as a form of child therapy. For example, because of the self-
confidence they receive from learning how to defend themselves,
it makes a very shy, withdrawn child become more outgoing and
confident, while the very aggressive child becomes more calm
and respectful. Many of the children that train with us improve
their grades and will benefit from Tae Kwon Do training in areas of
personal achievement and self-discipline. As a parent, you will
truly be amazed at the positive difference in attitude your child
will develop after taking classes at Grand Master Kang’s Tae
Kwon Do. He or she will walk with pride and with his or her head
held higher.

Tae Kwon Do is easy and fun to learn

Too often we associate physical training and discipline with
negatives such as “no fun” and “too hard!” But in Tae Kwon Do,
you will find that your training can be a quite fun and enjoyable
experience. Tae Kwon Do is much easier to learn than the public
expects because you start as a “beginner,” and your duties are as
such. Unfortunately, the advanced techniques are about the only
ones we see on TV or the movies, and no one is expected to
begin learning those first! During your training at Grand Master
Kang’s Tae Kwon Do, you will enjoy meeting new friends and
training in a positive atmosphere.

How adults benefit from Tae Kwon Do training

Our School’s staff also specializes in teaching adults the same
respect, honor, loyalty and discipline as children. Not only do they
receive mental training, but physical fitness as well. Adults also
seem to enjoy Tae Kwon Do because of muscle tone, weight
control, endurance and stress relief. Everyone knows we need
something to cope with today’s turmoil, and along with meeting
new people and making lifelong friends, Grand Master Kang’s Tae
Kwon Do Academy is that something.

Grand Master Sok Ho Kang’s

 Tae Kwon Do


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