The 42nd Annual US Open Martial Arts Championships Feb. 28, 2015

The 42nd Annual US Open Martial Arts Championships Feb. 28, 2015
Location: South Charleston High School in South Charleston, WV.

Tae Kwon Do ~ Tang Soo Do ~ Karate ~ Kung Fu
Registration begins at 9:00 am. Eliminations start at 11:00 am.
Entry fee is $60 for one or two events. Additional Event is $5.
Spectator admission is $10. Includes elimination and finals – all day.
Held at South Charleston High School
1 Eagle Way
South Charleston, WV 25309
Presented by Kang’s Tae Kwon Do Academy
Phone (304) 744-0601

Tournament Registration Form

Grand Master S.H. Kang


This is our school of physical fitness that teaches us the ancient and scientific art of Tae Kwon Do. In this age
of turmoil, it is important that one maintain a strength within ones self (mental strength as well as physical strength) so that one can cope with obstacles and difficulties in life more successfully.

We sincerely hope that this school will serve you as an important institution where you can learn various virtues of the martial arts that include self-discipline, respect, concentration and competition. Finally, the instruction at Kang’s Tae Kwon Do School is constantly directed toward that attainment of inner peace and tranquility within ones self, which we hope will help us to develop harmony and peace with our fellow man.

Grand Master Sok Ho Kang
Grand Master Kang’s Tae Kwon Do Academy


S.H. Kang’s Tae Kwon Do Academy was established in February 1970, as an educational institution. The Academy has continuously taught thousands of enthusiastic people-both young and old, all over West Virginia.

The Korean Tae Kwon Do Academy is under the direction of Sok Ho Kang, from Seoul, Korea.

Grand Master Kang has been actively involved in Tae Kwon Do for more than 50 years.

Grand Master Kang has a 9th degree Black Belt and is one of the most leading masters in the nation and internationally. He is known as the Father of Tae Kwon Do in West Virginia.

Main School

302 MacCorkle Avenue

South Charleston, WV 25303

Phone: (304) 744-0601